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The Economic Freedom Network Pakistan (EFN) is an informal network of economic experts and entrepreneurs working together to contribute towards economic freedom – which they consider to be central to successful reform. The aims of the network include: Promoting open and free markets, stronger property rights for the less powerful and poor members of society; deregulation and privatization in the interests of job creation. EFN Pakistan exists to promote human development and economic growth. To influence the public policy advisors and political decision-makers; to broaden the debate on the merits of free markets and limited governments, the EFN Pakistan provides a platform for political dialogue, public education and academic exchange.


Economic freedom available to individuals and firms in a given setting has a direct bearing on the economic performance. This study analyzes economic freedom at sub-national/provincial level in Pakistan in accordance with the Economic Freedom of the World Index. National comparisons on economic freedom have been standardized for many years now. The sub-national studies take the same process a step further.

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