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Economic Freedom Network Pakistan

Mission Statement

To promote personal choice, voluntary exchange coordinated by markets, freedom to enter and compete in markets, and protection of persons and their property from aggression by others including government. In other words, EFN Pakistan exists to promote economic freedom in order to facilitate human development and economic growth.


To appeal to the public policy advisors and political decision-makers, and to broaden the debate on the merits of free markets and limited governments, the EFN Pakistan provides a platform for political dialogue, public education and academic exchange.


The EFN Pakistan welcomes individuals and organizations such as policy advisors, journalists, lawyers, corporate representatives, policy makers, government officials and other interested individuals. It also seeks partnerships outside Pakistan to promote its mission.

Members’ Responsibilities
What is expected of members include

  • Cooperation with EFN Pakistan to expand and enrich the network with leaders, influential think tanks and new members for the promotion of economic freedom.
  • Cooperation in joint fundraising efforts with EFN Pakistan for events, studies, campaigns and publications towards the goal of promoting economic freedom in Pakistan.
  • Cooperation in conferences, seminars and campaigns in order to promote constructive debate and dialogue on issues critical to the successful dissemination and implementation of the EFN Pakistan mission.
  • Cooperation in the launch of publications such as Economic Freedom of the World Annual Reports and/or Economic Freedom of the Asia Annual Reports.
  • Cooperation in disseminating information about EFN Pakistan, its members, and their events, studies, campaigns and publications in newspapers, periodicals, research journals, informational booklets and monographs concerning issues of economic freedom.
Members’ Benefits
What are the benefits to members include

  • Link to their websites from EFN Pakistan website.
  • Display of their organizations’ logos and profiles in EFN Pakistan publications.
  • Participation in the strategic decisions by EFN Pakistan on the choice of campaigns, research topics, themes and venues or activities.
  • Invitation to the annual Economic Freedom Network conferences, other activities and ‘members only’ events.
  • Posting of their articles, news and other announcements related to economic freedom on EFN Pakistan website.
  • Access to database of EFN Pakistan contacts.
  • Permission to use EFN Pakistan logo in their economic freedom related events and publications.

(Member EFNP)